The Yellow Pages of Emails

Find That Email enables sales professionals to find the email address of decision makers in millions of companies worldwide. 

Key features:
  • Find or verify email addresses. 
  • Prospect directly from Linkedin using a browser extension (drag and drop).
  • Bulk email search or verification.
  • Integrative solution: Salesforce, Zoho, MailChimp, Yesware and many more.
How are we different from the rest? 

Leading solutions uses different technologies to scrape publicly available online information in order to guess email addresses.

"This feature uses Email Hunter database to guess email addresses with first name, last name and company website."
- Taken from emailhunter's blog

As army intelligence alumnus - we know that bad data can hinder your mission success, inaccurate, wrong or outdated data will results in an opportunity missed. For those reasons, Find That doesn't use any publicly available information: we do not guess email addresses.

Our engine is based on advanced, patent-pending data fusion technology we apply on more than 100+ trusted, updated databases.
We would like to see ourselves as the yellow pages of emails, our mission is to enable businesses to connect with their potential customers in an easy way.